We ship all of our items via USPS unless a request is made by the customer.


We stand behind all of our products and will happily refund or exchange items. We do ask that if an item arrives damaged, you follow these tips for repair.

Loose dowels can be reinserted into the product openings and super glued to secure it. These items occasionally come undone and are sometimes shipped separated for the purpose of fitting them into the box.

Chipped wood can be reglued and still maintain a nice appearance. I have noticed that on occasion an item will fall of a shelf and a beak or other fragile piece will chip off.


Pieces that feature a drift wood base are impossible to replicate. Although we make every attempt to keep it as close as possible and are happy to send a preview pick of your item, we cannot guarantee that your base will be identical to the product picture.

Colors sometimes vary slightly from what is seen in the photo.

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